Trestman Talks Mini-Camp

Trestman Talks Mini-Camp

Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman met with the media after Rookie Mini-Camp concluded Sunday, and you can check out what he had to say inside.

Check out what Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman had to say about Rookie Mini-Camp with the video transcribed below:

Marc Trestman

Opening Statement:

"They all gave us their undivided attention for the entire week, their effort was outstanding, they were very diligent in meetings we did everything we could to try and fulfill their dream which is to play in the national football league. Obviously we can't keep everyone, I spoke to a number of the tryout guys that wont be with us and we will make a decision on the few that will cary over into camp besides the draft choices. Kyle wont be with us and Jordan wont be with us for a few days because he is graduating and is coming back. We are excited about what we saw here on a number of levels and as I told them when I finished with them, they are very lucky they are coming into a locker room where there is really an undivided commitment to a vision, where there are a bunch of unselfish guys who will work with them and help them. With their initial stages of being a member of this football team, we are excited about having them. We will see how it all comes together over the next two weeks.

On the helmet cam Matt Blanchard wore:

"We will both talk about it, I don't know if that is the case -- it was fun to do it this weekend. I don't look at it as something that will be on a daily basis."

On Matt Blanchard:

"He is articulate in the verbage of our offense, he picked it up very quickly. The reps really helped him, he has very good fundamentals. He has to improve like everyone else does but he's got a good base as I said -- the ball easily comes out of his hands. You can see when he comes over the top on throws it's a very natural throwing motion. He doesn't have to squeeze the ball hard or what I would say work the ball. It comes off his hand very natural, he's got the ability but he's got a long way to go. We are in shorts.

On Tryout guys:

"We have gone through an evaluation on each and every guy here, we have spent a lot of time discussion each and every guy here. We only have a certain amount of available spots, and those that stay we have to switch someone out and those will be ongoing discussions over the next 24-hours." Recommended Stories

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